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We are so grateful to Bay Area Veterinary Surgery for the wonderful care of Scarlett through two knee surgeries (cranial cruciate ligament). She has recovered marvelously and spends her days romping with her sister, Piper, and getting into all types of mischief. She is a blessing to our family and we thank Dr. Dassler and his team for keeping her healthy and active. P.S. We were so happy with our experience that we made them a pie!

Samuel & Regina Brayboy

A dog owner’s worst nightmare came true! While my husband and I were out of the country on vacation, our dog Abbey was viciously attacked by a neighborhood dog.

Thankfully the dog sitter took Abbey to Bay Area Veterinary Surgery. Not only did Dr. Dassler save her life, but he and his staff gave her the best care possible. Dr. Dassler went out of his way to update me, and assure me. Dr. Dassler spoke with me by phone numerous times, and walked me through every step of her treatment.

Abbey’s full recovery took over 2 months. This gave me the opportunity to get to know the staff at BAVS. They all are kind people who obviously care about animals, and their owners.

I will forever be grateful to Dr. Dassler, Dr. Watson, and the entire team of Bay Area Veterinary Surgery.

The Harvey Family Rottweilers

The Harvey Family Rottweilers

We feel honored to have been asked to write a testimonial for Bay Area Veterinary Surgery.

From just walking in the door, we sensed that we had just entered a very wonderful and unique environment for our Rottweilers. It is quite an impressive facility, brand new and state of the art!

We want everyone to know how glad we are there is a veterinary specialty clinic we can always count on to not only take premium care of all of our Rottweilers, but who obviously also cares about the health and well-being of our pets as much as we do. Our Rottweilers are important members of our family. Unfortunately, the breed is know for hip and elbow dysplasia, as well as knee and spinal issues. I know that when I take my Rottweilers to see Dr. Dassler, they are going to receive the best veterinary specialty care available. We have always been happy with the friendly and caring staff, and completely trust their guidance in the best ways to keep our Rottweilers healthy and happy. Dr. Dassler is always knowledgeable about all of our pets’ ailments, orthopedic and general health, and always outlines in detail what treatment options are available. Dr. Dassler has such a professional and caring demeanor, and he is sure to answer all our questions and complete a thorough exam of our Rottweilers. We will continue to always recommend Dr. Dassler and the staff at Bay Area Veterinary Surgery to all of our friends!

There are other specificity clinics in our area, but long story short, we would never take our Rottweiler babies to anyone else!

Sam & Denise Harvey 



Daisy was a patient of Dr. Dassler’s several years ago when she had TPLO surgery on both legs within 4 months.

We followed the post-op restrictions each time, and she healed beautifully.







As pet owners who consider our pets members of our family, when one of them is in distress, we want to do everything possible to ensure that they are properly taken care of. Rosie, our Rottweiler, was rescued from North Carolina Rottweiler Rescue in May of 2008. When we got her, she couldn’t see due to entropion, and she didn’t have much fur on her because of demadex. After about 6 months of surgeries and lots of trips to the allergist and the ophthalmologist, she was finally out of pain, and we were able to give her a normal life.

However, in January of 2012, she did something that clearly traumatized her. She was wincing in pain, so we immediately rushed her to our vet, and he immediately told us something was wrong with her back right knee. We were ready to rush her to Virginia Tech because they have such a good reputation. However, our vet, who we trust implicitly and who has been treating our dogs for over 20 years, recommended Dr. Chris Dassler because he was an expert in this type of injury. Boy, was he right.

Dr. Dassler was not only professional, but every concern I had about the repercussions of this surgery, he immediately laid to rest. He also made it very clear that many of the issues that arise from the surgery would not be a concern because he used human grade plates. It may sound silly, but Rosie had a very traumatic start to life, and she lived in excruciating pain for her first 8 months. We promised her that we would never let her suffer again, and so Dr. Dassler’s assurances made us feel at ease. We followed his instructions to the letter after bringing her home, and 16 weeks later, she was up and running again.

Unfortunately, 2 weeks later, she ruptured her other knee. Dr. Dassler, being as thorough as he always is during a consult, had warned us that this might happen, and it was just bad luck that they ruptured so closely together. Dr. Dassler got her in right away and performed the surgery on her second knee. She recovered quickly, and by the end of the 16 weeks, she was ready to run. Today, Rosie is a very happy dog. She is able to keep up with her little sister, who is only a year old. She goes on 2-3 walks a day, and she plays in the yard chasing her ball. I have recommended Dr. Dassler to a number of people who have had similar issues, and he has also helped other people I recommended to him who had other orthopedic and/or surgical issues. Every single one of them, and they are very particular people, raved about how thorough Dr. Dassler was and how helpful his staff was.

Tim Bostic & Tony London



I went to Bay Area Veterinary Surgery in August 2013 when my six year old Yorkie, Gracie, started having respiratory distress. Dr. Watson did an emergency laryngoscopy and Gracie was diagnosed with “laryngeal collapse”. I was so upset and overwhelmed by her diagnosis, but Dr. Watson and Diana were very understanding and patiently answered all of my questions and concerns. They informed me that even though there was no cure for her condition, there were things I could do to help Gracie. They immediately started her on steroids for the inflammation and recommended she lose weight. They also advised me to keep her out of the heat and limit her activity. I did everything they suggested and I am very happy to say that Gracie is currently doing great!!

It’s been over a year since her diagnosis, and her breathing is still “noisy” at times, but she is in no distress. Her weight has dropped from 5 pounds 2 ounces to 4 pounds and she is continuing to lose weight with just a few more ounces to go.

My experience with BAVS has been absolutely wonderful. They are very professional and have such a compassionate and dedicated team. They have gone above and beyond for my sweet girl. I take Gracie back every 8 weeks to get her nails trimmed so her breathing can be monitored closely and oxygen can be administered if she has any problems. Gracie loves all the girls in the office and she receives a lot of attention and doggy treats when we visit. They treat her like she is one of their own and they have become part of our family.

I would highly recommend BAVS to anyone who is looking for exceptional care for their beloved pets. They saved Gracie’s life and I will be forever grateful to Dr. Watson, Diana and all the staff at Bay Area Veterinary Surgery.