Our Stories

The Harvey Family

Our relationship with Bay Area Veterinary Surgery goes back over 15 years.  Dr. Dassler and the staff at  Bay Area Veterinary Surgery have treated and performed surgeries on 4 of our Rottweilers. We now have 2 Rottweilers Tuff And Tootie-Lou. Most recently our female Rottweiler “Tootie-Lou” was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma.  Dr. Dassler and his staff went out of their way to make us aware of all our treatment options and the best thing to do for Tootie-Lou's well being and quality of life,  Dr. Dassler and his staff not only provided professional veterinary services but also provided us with some much needed emotional support and have treated us like family!  Dr. Dassler has personally called us at home to discuss the options we have for Tootie-Lou's surgery and ensured us that we are making the right decision for her and us.

We want everyone to know how glad we are there is a veterinary specialty clinic we can always count on to not only take premium care of all of our Rottweilers, but who obviously also cares about the health and well-being of our pets as much as we do. Our Rottweilers are important members of our family. Unfortunately, the breed is known for hip and elbow dysplasia, as well as knee and spinal issues. I know that when I take my Rottweilers to see Dr. Dassler, they are going to receive the best veterinary specialty care available. We have always been happy with the friendly and caring staff, and completely trust their guidance in the best ways to keep our Rottweilers healthy and happy. Dr. Dassler is always knowledgeable about all of our pets’ ailments, orthopedic and general health, and always outlines in detail what treatment options are available. Dr. Dassler has such a professional and caring demeanor, and he is sure to answer all our questions and complete a thorough exam of our Rottweilers. We will continue to always recommend Dr. Dassler and the staff at Bay Area Veterinary Surgery to all of our friends!

There may be other specialty clinics in our area, but long story short, we would never take our Rottweiler babies to anyone else!

- Sam & Denise Harvey